School Consultancy

School Consultancy

We are the premier educational and management consultants specializing in school formation, managing, and supporting the development of private K-12 schools. We can advise you right from conception, start up, operating, leading, and improving schools. We’ve helped several schools and institutions maximize their organization’s performance or achieve their dream of starting their own school.
Our aim is To help you to start and create differentiation to maximize your school’s performance. We are committed to providing customized solutions for your School.
Starting a private school requires exceptional planning, preparation, experience and a commitment to a clear vision. Without a solid foundation and groundwork the structure will collapse. In today’s complicated education environment, the need to work smarter and be ready for the first day of school operation is critical and can’t be repeated. With proper pre-planning and our expert guidance over a project’s life cycle, we can help founders like you to be better prepared to start the school of your dreams and manage costs and project development efficiently, and establish a school to be proud of. Our specialty is starting K-12 Private Schools.
Customized Approach to Help You Start Your School
We provide a comprehensive consultation to starting your school and address your queries. We review the critical elements you need to consider in starting a sustainable school. Afterwards, a follow-up that provides details on your schools: purpose and direction, educational program, branding and admissions, project overview, organizational structure, facility needs and recommendations, timelines, and action plan to move forward. This is a valuable strategy in moving forward in a coordinated effort.

FORMATION CONTRACT the entire process of starting your school, from concept to opening your doors. This includes developing, implementing, and overseeing your strategic plan, financial plan, educational plan, human resources plan, marketing and admissions plan, infrastructure, accreditation, and much more.

Our mission is to ‘Help You Achieve Success through differentiation.’ We can assist you from the ground up sharing our expertise with:

  • Developing of a Compelling Vision;
  • Creating the Strategic Plan, Mission, Values, Goals, and Operational Plan;
  • Establishing your School Society,
  • Building Credibility and Awareness ;
  • Recruiting and Educating the Board and Senior Administration on Exceptional Leadership, Governance and Team-Building;
  • Branding to Ensure your Vision Meets Existing Demand;
  • Identifying Personnel Needs, Executive Search, Staff Recruiting, Job Descriptions, and Contracts;
  • Ongoing Evaluation and Support for the Head of School and management;
  • Establishing your Faculty Appraisal System and Professional Development Plans;
  • Building the Education Program;
  • Determining Combinations for Starting Grades and Phase-In Stages;
  • Developing the Marketing Plan to Drive Enrollment, Public Relations, Competitive Positioning, and the Admissions Process;
  • Establishing Student Management, Record Storage, Accounting, and Reporting Systems;
  • Supporting the Procurement Process;
  • Preparing Policy Manuals for Staff, Students, and Parents;
  • Establishing Timelines and Project Management Systems in Formation Stage.


We offer specialized consultancy and services in following fields of education management

Important Issues for New Schools
Technical Assistance
Institutional Development
Training & Management services
Logistics & Support System
Security & Disaster management

Our Comprehensive School Formation Process Can Be Tailored To Your Needs In Helping You Start A School

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I owe Col Sir my seat in NDA. Had it not been you,I would have given up long back. I was not a gifted student,but I was willing to work hard. I am ever so grateful to you for your personal attention,time and efforts in shaping me up for this tough journey. Many students are prepared to persevere,but very few are able to achieve their goals. It is because of mentors like you who see education beyond business,and take personal initiative to inculcate values and motivate students when the time is right.
You are a wonderful human being.

Nadeem Chaudhary TES-35

Edge Acadmey was really helpful for NDA preparation. The materials provided in depth understanding of the concepts. The faculty were always ready to help us and cleared doubts anytime.Their valuable guidance helped me to prepare for the written as well as for SSB process. Online Examination Portal enhanced my preparation level.I thank all the faculty for their help and support right from the NDA written exam till the SSB process.

Amit Shukla NDA-136

I sincerely thank Col Pieush Agrawal and Dr. Sapna Agrawal, who gave me the much needed confidence and guidance to succeed in TES-SSB. I got conference-out in my earlier attempt but Sir's motivation and training kept me going. The personal interview sessions with Col Sir Sir helped me to gain clarity and identify the areas I should focus on during the actual interview.
Though I learn a lot from ground based GTO practice but digital GTO classes of Edge Academy took us on the next level of improvisation Thanks to Sir, whose classes are always informative, interesting and inspiring. It is because of the support, encouragement and guidance, provided by the Edge Academy faculties, that I got recommended in SSB from Allahabad.

Indresh Shukla TES-35

TES-34 was my first attempt for SSB interview. I have come a long way since then to get recommended. Col Sir and Ma'am both had taken a personal interest in me, and was always there to help me and cleared my doubts in personal interview.
Edge Academy has been very approachable & accommodating in helping me prepare for the Psychology, GTO and PI process. Study material proved immensely helpful in equipping me to handle my lecturettes.
Thank You very much Sir and Ma'am.

Robin Singh Bamel TES-34 AIR-137

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.”
Cracking the numerous NDA admission tests is just one half of the journey. The other half, in my opinion, is the real test as the SSB interview stage is a battle among equals.
That little extra is what Edge Academy provided me. Edge Academy helped me out a great deal in my preparation for the crucial GTO and Psychological tests.
My experience with Edge Academy was very good as the faculty are extremely helpful and go the extra mile to help us aspirants crack the SSB. I would specifically like to thank Col Pieush Agrawal Sir and Dr. Sapna Agrawal Ma'am for all the help, guidance and support extended to me.

Dhruv Chaturvedi NDA-135 AIR-84

I got selected in the NDA-134 course. For this I have the Col Pieush Agrawal at Edge Academy to thank. Col. Pieush Sir is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. His dedication and commitment ensured many students like me cross the line and “BELL THE CAT”.
Col sir gave me a lot of inputs for my PI and they proved very useful before my actual interview at Allahabad SSB center. Dr Sapna Agrawal ma'am helped me with some tricky questions in my PIQ forms and answered several of my doubts even at odd hours.

Suraj Prakash Gupta NDA-134 AIR-398

“If you want to become an officer behave like an officer”-a very practical and true mantra given by Col. Sir which I followed during entire SSB duration at Bhopal. Col. Sir managed to give the very essence of SSB in a very short time. I have got NDA 6th rank and for this I thanks to Col. Sir and Dr. Sapna Agrawal for their guidance.

Madur Dubey NDA-131 AIR-6

I was preparing for SSB by myself but I was lucky to join Edge Academy. Col. Sir’s approach to the whole process of preparation for SSB added great value to my dream of becoming an Officer in Indian Army and assisted me to achieve empowered personality and confidence and my ability of speaking in public and conveying my ideas.

Kshitij Sharma NDA-132 AIR-13

Col. Sir and Sapna Ma’am both are personable, professional and expert with a high level of integrity. They always delivered the right solution at the right time with enthusiasm and a great work ethic, and were held in high regard across the students. I would have no hesitation in recommending for preparation of learning skills regardless to SSB .

Munesh Kaushik NDA-129 AIR-30

Always have a vision and keep improving upon yourself. SSB is about complete individual, about developing a dynamic personality and a positive attitude. They do not come overnight but are developed if you are willing and sincere. Col. Sir really works hard on developing every aspect of every student. SSB is about being a multi-focal person and that’s what is taught in EDGE ACADEMY.

Deeptanshu K. Kashyap TES-30 AIR-38

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