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Residential Programme (Barracks)


EDGE Academy takes immense pleasure to announce our Residential Programme (Barracks) from Academic year 2018. This programme has 40 seats and is designed to nurture students who wish to be Officers in Armed Forces ie Indian Army, Navy,  Air Force. The Barracks is designed with a purpose to develop Leadership, Self Confidence and enhance their learning abilities.  As the child is away from home, continuous guidance, support and atmosphere is needed to be able to sustain and do well in academics as well as other activities. This programme will be mentored by Veterans from Armed forces and Educationists. Right from Morning waking up, exercises and regular fitness programme, Self Study Time with regular Problem Solving and Mentoring support. The students will have opportunity to interact with Guest Speakers and people from Armed Forces on regular basis. Barracks will ensure complete supervision and monitoring of every student to bring the best out of him and ensuring Comfortable stay facilities, hygienically prepared quality meals with Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, morning and evening Tea and extra Supplies of Milk and fruits. This Residential Programme is one of the finest programme to learn, grow and develop himself the military way.  


Academic :
Competition Preparation for NDA alongwith School Studies at the Academy, Self Study & Doubt Clearance facility under the supervision of faculties.
Regular Home Assignment Checking.
Individual attention and personalized counseling for Academic & Overall Performance Improvement.
Strict information system to provide student’s test results and attendance through SMS.
Special Motivational and informative seminars for keeping students energized and updated.

Supporting Features :
Furnished single/double occupancy air-conditioned rooms.
Exercises & outdoor games and sports under expert supervision to maintain mental & physical health along with studies.
Hygienic Quality Food which includes seasonal vegetables, fruit, milk, etc.
24 Hour Medical Assistance & Transport Facility available for emergency cases.
Fully secured building  under CCTV Vigilance and Biometric Attendance system for moving in & out of the residential building.
Guest lectures, events, Motivational Movies are arranged to keep students’ entertained.
Room Cleaning & Laundry Facility,


Room Charges
Single Occupancy – INR. 11500/- per month
Double Occupancy – INR. 9000/- per month
(Charges are all inclusive of all the facilities mentioned.)
Registration Fee:  Three months Advance (Non Refundable)  + 1 month Security (Refundable) at the time of Joining. The next Installment must be paid by 25th June, 25 September, 25 December.
Advance Registration Fee is non-refundable (One Quarter Fee)
A student can avail only single scholarship in one academic session (whichever is higher).
The penalty of 100/- per day will be charged if installments are not paid on or before due dates decided at the time of admission. In case it is not paid within 10 days after the due date the name will be struck off and Security amount will not be refunded.
Institute reserves the right to cancel the registration any time during sessions, the reason may be non-payment of fee on time, any grounds of indiscipline by the student, ​​​​​​​non performance etc.​​​​​​​
Electricity Charges for room fans, light, corridor lights, security lights are not chargeable separately. Electricity charges for ACs, Geysers…. will be extra as per units consumed. Separate electric meters for every room has been installed.
Security amount will be refundable after completion of the academic session.
After the room allotment, it will be the responsibility of students to take care of furniture & other things. After this, if there will be any damage in the room student will be responsible for this. The penalty of Rs. 2000/- will be charged, if anything will be written/pasted on walls & furniture.
For Medical help, the student can contact to warden at any time. All the expenses of medical treatment will take care by students only.
The main door will be opened from 6 am to 10 pm, after this entry will be prohibited


Barracks is designed for Student Cadets for their overall development. We aim to provide comfortable living environment so that Students can focus and get conducive atmosphere to study and develop themselves and get selected.
Each Student Cadet has an independent room (Cabin) with attached Bathroom. Every cabin has a bed, locker, Noticeboard, table and chair. The hostel has a kitchenette for hot water, tea, milk etc. There is a Resident Warden / In charge under the 24X7 supervision of the Academy.

Residential Programme Duties: Student Cadets will be given a reasonable amount of  duties, where they learn responsibility for their surroundings, e.g. making their beds, Tiding their lockers, desks, rooms and cleaning their rooms, taking care of their living environment.

Games and Activities: Outdoor Regular Activities are conducted on regular basis and are compulsory to attend for their physical and mental well being.

Edge Runners Club is a involving group and Running shall be organised regularly.

Edge Cyclo Brigade is a compulsory part and Cycling is organised regularly.

Edge Football Platoon is our Football club and played on regular basis and besides many other activities. This shall help the student gradually build Stamina, Concentration, Group Work and various other Leadership Qualities.

The goal of Residential Programme is to ensure the independent and responsible development of Student Cadets. We are committed to providing a safe, secure, suitable learning and living environment for our wards. We aim to encourage students to be self-reliant and to inculcate the habit of studying without prompting.Hence instruction will be followed by the student strictly. Incase violating any instruction student will be expelled


(To be followed by every student)
  1. Daily routine has been mentioned/put up on notice board & be followed.
  2. Meal timings as displayed students to strictly follow.
  3. Pocket Money:This should not be more than INR1000 a month.
  4. Behaviour: Good manners, a sense of responsibility and tidiness are expected of Student Cadets at all times. Violent, bullying, threatening or dishonest behaviour is not permitted, nor is the possession of pets, fireworks, dangerous weapons, cigarettes, alcohol, illegal drugs or pornographic material.
  5. Students are not allowed to use electric kettle, heaters, blowers etc in the rooms.
  6. No form of cooking is permitted in the rooms.
  7. Guests: Students are strictly prohibited to bring (male/female) friends to their rooms. Students will not bring any guest/parents without informing the incharge.
  8. Meeting Time:Parents/ Guests may meet on Sundays and Holidays. Timings for meeting guest/parents is from 10am to 8pm.
  1. Every time a student leaves the premises or enters, a biometric log will be maintained
  2. Hygiene: Student Cadets should take pride in their personal appearance and ensure that their clothes are neat and clean.
  3. Cleanliness Students are responsible to maintain the cleanliness of their rooms, washrooms & hostel corridors.
  4. Regular and surprise inspect of rooms will be carried out if anything objectionable is found or observed, action as deemed necessary will be taken
  5. Valuables: Expensive materials, cash, jewellery, laptop, Smart phones, camera.. are not permitted. Student will be responsible for safety of his personnel belonging. Hostel will not be responsible for loss of such item.
  6. Discipline: Smoking, Alcohol, liquor, drugs, hookah etc are strictly banned. Strict action including expulsion will be taken
  7. Student must look after the property of hostel. Any damage to the moveable or immovable property will be viewed seriously and will be borne by the student.
  8. Laundry Service: We provide a laundry service to the student Cadet, however it is recommended undergarments must be washed by themselves. Every cadet must check from Laundry Man before giving clothes.
  9. Residential Wear: All Students must wear neat and clean clothes. They may purchase Extra Outdoor/ Academy T Shirts to wear with suitable lower. Students are also allowed to wear personal clothing, keeping them simple.
  10. Hair Cut: All boys must have regular hair cut. It is important to maintain short haircut for discipline and hygiene.
  11. Registration Fee: Three months Advance (Non Refundable) + 1 month Security (Refundable) at the time of joining. The next Installment must be paid by 25th June, 25 September, 25 December. Advance Registration Fee is non-refundable (One Quarter Fee)
  12. Fees: Fees are paid in advance in 3monthly by 25Jun, 25Sep and 25Dec. Late fee @100 per day will be paid if fee paid after the due date.
  13. Security amount of one month will be refunded on final clearance only after the academic year. If anyone leaves/removed during middle of academic year NO REFUND of security amount will be given. As midsession leaving will entail loss of vacancy.
  14. No student will stay / enter others room after 11:00 PM.
  15. Loud music will not be played in the hostel.
  16. First aid kit is available with the in charge. Only emergency medical is available. Medical expenditure will be borne by the student for other treatment.
  17. Main gate will normally be closed after 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM.
  18. Security: Any Letter/Parcel being delivered to any student may be checked by staff before handing over to the student.
  19. Worship: We Respect all religions. God is present everywhere and blesses all. Let the students not get involved in any kind religious activities. Education is the best form of Prayer.
  20. Leave Permission: Student Cadets may only leave the city after obtaining written permission. Absent report will be initiated otherwise.
  21. Undertaking: An undertaking of commitment and compliance will be signed by both parents and student to be admitted into the Residential Programme.
  22. Expulsion: In extreme cases such as the possession of illegal drugs or sexual relationships, a student may be asked to leave altogether. There is no refund of fees.
  This is your hostel. Rules and regulations are made to make your stay happy, comfortable and educative. Follow these & enjoy you stay to accomplish your goals.


BARRACKS                                                                                                                                                               EDGE ACADEMY          
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