Are We Turning Heads ? Do we make a difference? Have we tried a different path? 

When models walk the ramp heads follow the model; but then all are in the same game so all heads turn. Recently you must have seen this at the the Miss Universe, where Indian Harnaz Sandhu won the Title after 21 years.

Let’s ask Ourselves a few questions: 

How often are we forcing people to turn their heads to look at us as a differentiator?

Are we making the cut necessary to stand out from the crowd?

Do we look dapper at appearance or vivacious at work for people to take note?

Have we moved ahead and beyond the threshold of mediocrity and crossing the line of excellence?

I was in a conference, the panel discussion was over & I was about to start the Key Note there is this young, pretty young girl who walks across the entire gathering and people do notice her…. I smiled ear to ear… #Turningheads

In real life whenever there are people, objects, ideas, purpose beyond the routine we all get attracted towards it. It may be a car, a building, a person, a scenery, even a thought; we get swayed.

We need to pause and analyse the circumstances.

There is a lesson for all of Us… 
If materialistic things or even attractiveness can turn heads… Then If we create Impact with a Career, Success, Profession… then along with #turningheads & #wondereyes…. there will also be #Powerfulimpact #Rolemodelling for many. 

So I feel we can look at ourselves afresh and embark on a totally different journey from tomorrow in whatever we do.

Let people turn their heads not only from the time that we are awake but also let them dream about us!

Create the magic magnet and let people gravitate towards us.

Are we ready to turn things around including heads?

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Serve the Nation, Be an Officer 
Jai Hind