If it is Yes .. !!!! I Salute you.☺

But I want to know…… Those compelling reasons that the Young Girls & Boys would like to join the Indian Army, Navy & Air Force.

I am trying to bullet a few common observed over the years…..!!!!!

1.You want to serve your motherland. 

2. You want to protect your nation from enemies 

3. You want to live a glorious life wearing Uniform 

4. You always wanted to have an adventurous life

5. You were fascinated by Machines as your Office

6. You wanted to have guns and use them too

7. You have been watching a lot of Hollywood movies and fantasize.. 😊

8. Your parents wanted you to be part of Indian Armed Forces

9. You have a role model and you wish to follow the footsteps

10. You want a govt job and what better than this, it comes with a package of prestige & respect)

11. Your Specific reason …. mention it in the comments section!!!

However if you are focused and even have any one of the above in your mind… It is time to understand How you can be part of these Elite Forces. 
Feel free to get in touch with me  and I will be more than happy to help you [email protected] ( personal email ID)

Just keep a few points in mind, You may visit for various courses & related details https://www.edgeacademy.co.in/

  1. Your present Class & course you are pursuing
  2. Your Date of Birth 
  3. Competitive Exams of Defence Forces you may be eligible to apply

SSB ( Services Selection board is a mandatory procedure… Stay Tuned in this space, I will talk more about it 

Dr Sapna Agrawal

Academic Director
EDGE Academy, Kota